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From Relegen Pty Ltd, the developers of assetDNA

Introducing riskDNA

Enterprise risk intelligence software for Boards & Executives, CRO’s, GM’s, Risk Managers, Assessors, Site Managers, OH&S, Finance and Compliance.


Orica Limited Case Study

“riskDNA delivers the enterprise-wide insights needed to make better decisions that reduce business risk.”

CASE STUDY: Orica implements intelligent approach for best-practice enterprise risk management

ISO 31000


Best-practice ERM

riskDNA is the world’s first enterprise risk management software solution to follow the advanced C2RI methodology to identify, assess, prioritise, control, communicate and reduce business risks. It’s purpose-built for use in risk assessment workshops, employs bow-tie analysis and quantified risk modelling, and is compatible with ISO 31000.

One enterprise-wide risk database

The days of disparate data silos, independent risk registers and out-of-date MS access databases associated with one incident, one project or one site assessment at a time are over. riskDNA is a single database solution for the entire organisation which can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. All your enterprise risk intelligence – all in one place.

riskDNA - Better risk data for better decisionsBetter risk data for better decisions

riskDNA is unmatched in its ability to present the big picture together with all the finer details. It brings true visibility to all organisational risks and their relative ranking through enterprise-wide risk correlation. It also delivers greater insights into specific threats, consequences and critical controls using the C2RI method for the granular and discrete interrogation of risks. This means improved decision-making, a more effective ERM strategy and better business performance.


Manage any risk

riskDNA is a completely open and user-defined solution. Manage any number of risks – safety, environmental, security, community, reputation, hazards and incidents, operational, even financial and strategic risks – in line with strategic objectives and operational goals.

Improve services at reduced cost

riskDNA enables organisations to deliver significantly improved risk management services in-house at a fraction of the cost of traditional external consultant-run programs. Software deployment is easy and subscription-based, and training and support requirements are reduced. 

riskDNA - Model risk versus return, easilyModel risk versus return, easily

You know you need to manage a multitude of risks but where do you prioritise your limited resources? riskDNA’s enterprise-wide ranking of risks helps organisations address higher-priority items that will return the best risk improvement. What is more, graphical quantified risk modelling instantly communicates the impact of critical controls and how effective, or ineffective, improvement actions will have on the base risk. With riskDNA you can see the risk/return ratio and make smarter decisions about the allocation of resources, ultimately saving you time and money. 


Drive consistency, meet compliance

With riskDNA, organisations can better identify inefficient differences and use a structured methodology to drive consistency in the identification, assessment and management of risks across the entire business. Set up standardised [generic] controls and actions for similar risks at different sites. Establish master data to create a common risk language, assessment methodology and metrics across the organisation, and in doing so, demonstrate compliance to all stakeholders and regulators, easily.

Improve corporate risk knowledge

riskDNA enables organisations to bring risk assessment in-house to capitalise on local knowledge and use the collective intelligence of its workforce to capture, analyse and share risk causes and controls across the organisation, on an ongoing basis.  This not only brings self-sufficiency and effective ownership of the data, but ensures risk data is dynamic [as opposed to a static snapshot] and continually improving in quality and value with the passage of time. 


Identify and assess Inclusions
Follows control-centred risk intelligence [C2RI] methodology
User-defined risk and incident structure
Threats and consequences
Bow-tie production
HAZOP studies
Quantitative + qualitative + adequacy risk assessments
Control and respond Inclusions
Robust risk controls and categorisation
Quantified risk modelling
Calculate current and predicted risk values/scores
Improvement actions
Set-up standardised [generic] controls and actions
Report and communicate Inclusions
Graphical scenario-enabled development and modeling
Purpose-built for use in risk assessment workshops
Ability to determine cumulative risk values
Database triggers
Auto email generation
Risk assessment and risk value reports 
Mandatory control procedure report
Report builder for custom and regulatory reports
ISO 31000 compatible
Administration Inclusions
Deploy on or off-premises + offline access
Easy to deploy, learn and use
Document repository
Track document and field history
User-based roles and permissions
Easy data import and export
Integrate with assetDNA + corporate systems for a true enterprise-wide view

“From a user’s perspective, riskDNA is straightforward to learn. In one two-hour course, Orica’s risk specialists are trained in how to use the software and ready to facilitate C2RI risk assessment workshops.”

CASE STUDY: Orica implements intelligent approach for best-practice enterprise risk management